Dell 480GB SSD SATA Mixed Use 6Gbps 512e 2.5in Hot plug 3.5in HYB CARR DriveS4610 CK


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Increase the storage capacity of your Dell System with 480GB Solid State Drive from Dell. It boasts a storage capacity of up to 480GB, enabling users to store large amounts of data. This drive delivers enhanced data transfer speed of up to 6Gbps.- Offers up to 480GB storage capacity- Equipped with SATA interface which delivers high data transfer rate- Solid State design offers ruggedness and fast data access- More Durable Feature a non-mechanical design of NAND flash mounted on circuit boards and are more shock resistant- Faster Faster data access, boot ups, file transfers, and an overall quicker computing experience than hard drives- Quieter Run at near silent operation unlike loud, whirring hard disc drives- Lighter Flash-based SSDs weigh considerably less- Cooler SSDs require little power to operate, resulting in less heat output by your system- More Efficient Consume less power at peak loadThis product is compatible with the following systemsPowerEdge C6420PowerEdge R440PowerEdge R540PowerEdge R640PowerEdge R6415PowerEdge R740PowerEdge R740XDPowerEdge R740xd2PowerEdge R7415PowerEdge R7425

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