Canton SUB 8.4, Active, Front/Down-firing subwoofer, 2×8″ LF driver, 200W, White, Single unit


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Canton SUB 8.4 Active, subwoofer.For deep bass sound effects, home cinema speakers are supported by the active subwoofer. Cantons active subwoofers can also be tuned to extend the stereo loudspeakers bass response in a music system.The subwoofer completes a sound system/speakers with a lower bass response and a more full sound.This gives the system higher power handeling, and clarity. On the rear, all connections and controls are hidden. This makes the installation stylish, without any visible cables.Key Features 1 x 220 mm 8.7, Aluminum Front-firing bass driver, 1 x 220 mm 8.7, passive down-firing radiator 200W Nominal Built-in Amplifier Automatic on/off switch Adjustable volume Adjustable phase limiter Adjustable crossover frequency SC technologyCantons in-house SC technology defines redefines the relationship between speaker volume and bass reproduction using individual filter switches and extends the speakers transmission range by an octave and more downwards – and this with unbelievable level consistency.

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Dimensioner45 × 52.5 × 39.5 cm
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