Canton Pro X.3, Onwall in/outdoor speaker, 4″ LF, 1″ HF, 8 Ohm, White, 1 pair


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Make use of high quality OnWall loudspeakersThe HiFi loudspeakers of the Plus Series with their sophisticated sound quality come into their own at the point where other loudspeakers reach their limit. For example, where there is not enough space for classic floorstanders and where wall or ceiling installation is not an option. Thanks to their superb sound properties they can be installed anywhere and can be designed to provide precise acoustics in specific zones or ambient sound in a general area. The five different sizes of loudspeaker in the Plus Series therefore provide versatile sound solutions for a range of situations.PRO seriesThe universal loudspeakers of the Pro Series are moisture-resistant and true survival experts. Specially developed for challenging conditions and outdoor use, they have a shock-resistant cabinet that guarantees long term stability. The Pro models thus combine structural strength with impressive sound quality. They provide sophisticated acoustics in large spaces and outdoor areas and are the perfect way to round off the range of Canton architectural loudspeakers. The Pro Series consists of the compact Pro X and high performance Pro XL loudspeakers as well as the slim-line Pro L loudspeakers, which use two woofers to create elegant tone rows. All models are suitable for use in a damp environment and are supplied with a safety cord. Key Features Moisture protection Optimized for outdoor Safety cord included U Wall brackets includedOnWallIn both sound and looks, the loudspeakers of the Plus Series offer a sophisticated alternative in situations where floorstanders cannot be used and recessed loudspeakers are not appropriate.They combine well with the compact ASF 75 SC subwoofer.OutdoorThe robust and flexible universal loudspeakers of the Pro Series are ideal for use in and around the house. The moisture-resistant system and shockresistant cabinets provide outstanding sound even in the most challenging conditions.

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