Canton GLE 416.2 Pro, OnWall Compact Speaker, Incl. Wallmount, Black, 1 pair


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The external feature of the latest GLE.2 series is the new aluminium-manganese tweeter system, which is integrated in the matt varnished, 0.9 strong baffle. The combination of the sophisticated wave guide, new membrane material and appropriate crossover network now offers a reproduction of 20 to 40,000 Hz, making it the best GLE of all time GLE 496.2. The optical highlight is the bi-color design in Black-Macassar. This all makes our GLE series one of Europes bestselling loudspeaker series.SpeakertypeGLE 416 Pro is a 2-way compact speaker, for different application areas. So you can use GLE 416 Pro as a Sterespeaker or as an effect or surround speaker in an existing home cinema system. With its impressive driver system of GLE series and aluminium cone membranes, surrounds with wave technology and a soft dome tweeter the speaker fulfills soundwise highest standards.Wall- & CeilingmountingWith a depth of only 10 cm, the GLE 416 Pro is a speaker which is ideal for OnWall or OnCeiling installation. With the pivotable universal mount bracket included in the delivery, GLE 416 Pro can be easily installed on the ceiling and on the wall. GLE 416 Pro is convenient as a ceiling speaker for Dolby Atmos usage.Single-Wiring Connection TerminalFor perfect, long lasting sound the high quality connection unit is fitted with robust screw terminals. Perfectly concealed in the cabinet Hidden Connection, this allows it to be installed close to the wall.High quality front coversThe robust and acoustically neutral fabric covers hide the technology from view and fit neatly over the baffle. The black version of GLE 416 Pro has a matching black fabric grill, the white version a white fabric grill.

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