Canton AM5, 5″ 80W, Active Monitor, Auto on/off, 3 way EQ, White, Single Unit


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Active MonitorThere is an ideal place for every speaker. And there are many such places for our special speakers. Our active AM 5 can act as a professional studio monitor, an effective computer speaker and even a sophisticated TV speaker.Every loudspeaker has its perfect area of application. The compact AM 5 Active Monitor has more than one. Thanks to its switchable high-pass filter and the bass, midrange and treble sound settings, it can be adjusted to suit a variety of positions, locations, areas of application and personal listening habits. It therefore offers perfect listening pleasure for sophisticated audiophiles.Key Features Active crossover network DSP with fully digital 24 bit signal processing Automatic on/off switch Frequency response adaption bass, midrange, treble HDF-cabinet Integrated limiter with soft clipping Wide range switch mode power supplyProfessional studio monitorThanks to its linear frequency, the low-distortion playback and studio quality connection and installation options, the AM 5 is the perfect nearfield monitor. Possible areas of application include recording and radio studios as well as sophisticated home recording set-ups. The AM 5 is easy to use and built to last. Despite its compact dimensions it offers powerful playback of bass frequencies up to 50 Hz.Robust presentation loudspeakerThe high performance AM 5 Active Monitor with its outstanding voice clearness is the optimal choice for presentation rooms and telephone conferences. The switchable high-pass filter can be used to suppress unwanted low frequency noises. Several AM 5 devices can be combined to achieve optimal sound quality, depending on the size of the room.Top quality HiFi and TV loudspeakerEquipped with all the virtues of an active studio monitor, the AM 5 is also a fully-fledged HiFi loudspeaker and an outstanding TV companion. When connected directly to the TV via the headphones jack, it can be easily controlled using the TV remote control and its impressive sound optimisation turns every film into great cinema. An optional bracket makes it perfect for wall mounting next to flat screen TVs.Highly effective multimedia loudspeakerThe AM 5 Active Monitor is the ideal Plug&Play sound solution for PC, MAC, laptop and tablet. It turns PC games into an intensive experience and makes every streaming client and music server an audiophile stereo system. It can also be combined with virtually all smart phones and MP3 players. The integrated switchable sound adjustment always ensures the best possible playback.ConnectionsEquipped with an interference-free, symmetrical XLR input e. g. for mixing desks and a universal cinch input, the AM 5 offers connection options for professional and home use.SettingsThe integrated high-pass filter allows bass playback to be limited at 50, 70 or 100 Hz. The switchable input sensitivity enables different signal sources to be adapted to the output voltage. The automatic on/off switch with LED display can be switched to permanent operation.EQThree switchable sound settings enable acoustic adjustments to be made in the bass, midrange and treble frequencies. The filters have been designed to ensure an optimal sound experience in all possible adjustment and application options.DriversThe tweeter system of the AM 5 is fitted with a 25 mm aluminium dome. The ultra-light wave system is driven by a high performance neodymium magnet. The wave guide built into the front plate supports the controlled dispersion characteristics of the tweeter.

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