Cabinet KKSB Raspberry Pi Case Model 3 B, Aluminum Gray


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Have the Raspberry Pi case in an elegant enclosure in the office or in the hobby room, feeling very confident how you store it and how it looks. A developed, exclusive metal Raspberry Pi Case for Model 3B, which is well adapted to all the current functions for Raspberry Pi. Designed is Sweden and it is compact, robust and clean. This is a case fitting for serious users, enthusiasts, companies and anyone else who wants a good looking case for RaspberryPi 3. The case is laser cut, made of powder coated Grey Aluminum. Good access to all connectors on the Raspberry Pi board. This Raspberry Pi case includes an exit slot in the side of the case allowing a ribbon cable to be fitted to the boards 40pin GPIO header. The board is clamped with two hexagonal standoffs and the lid is attached to these standoffs and with countersunk hex screws.This Raspberry Pi Case keeps the board fixed with the hexagon standoffs to the bottom part. Assembled the aluminum case is robust and protect the board from damage. The case has also cut outs for the Raspberry Pi camera module. There are good possibilities for mounting heat sinks. On the top part there is several slots to create an air flow in order to cool down the board and let WiFi signals out. The case is compactly designed after the shape of the Raspberry Pi Board and the sheet metal construction also makes is even slimmer.There is two hole in the bottom part that enables the case to be wall mounted.No special skills is required to assemble the case and the screws and standoffs should be fastened with low force with the wrench included.IncludesRaspberry Pi Case lid & bottom4 pcs Countersunk Hex Screws2 pcs Hexagonal Standoffs1 pcs Wrench

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Dimensioner9.5 × 6.5 × 3.2 cm
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