BenQ ScreenBar e-Reading lamp Black AR17


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Worlds First Intelligent Lamp for MonitorsScreenBar is a revolutionary lighting system. Simply hang it on your monitor to light up your desk without taking up any valuable space. With automatic dimmer and asymmetric optical design, ScreenBar illuminates the working space with just USB power, avoiding reflectively glare off your computer screen. A specially designed clip makes the attachment onto monitors easy and stable. No need for screws or tape that damage monitors. The clip fits any monitor with thickness from 1 to 3 cm.WiT ScreenBar features the following state-of-the-art technologiesBuilt-in ambient light sensor detects the surrounding brightness and automatically supplements a 70cm x 40cm desk space to the international standard of 500 Lux e.g. recommended by the U.S. Department of Labor.Patented clip design instantly attaches to any monitor, enlarging available desk space while eliminating damage to the monitor.Asymmetrical optical design offers precision lighting to only illuminate the desk, avoiding reflective glare off the screen.Adjustable color temperature 27006500K to increase efficiency and comfort, compliant with the ANSI White 8 quadrangles color temperature standard.USB electricity supply for a wider choice of power outlets. When turned on, WiT ScreenBar resumes the last used brightness and color temperature settings.Simplified design for a clean shape and premium quality polycarbonate and sandblasted anodized aluminium alloy. The materials comply with the RoHS 2002/95/EC standards, so are free of unsafe heavy metals e.g. lead, cadmium, and mercury.Simple touch control design, responding to light touch to turn on/off, longer touch to adjust the brightness and color temperature, and light touch to start the Auto Dimmer Mode.Quality LED light sources for better eye care passed the IEEE PAR1789 and IEC/TR 62778 assessments of flicker and blue-light hazard, and thus are classified as risk-free light sources.9H.W42QD.WP19H.W42QD.WP29H.W42WT.WQ1

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