BenQ MW809STH – WXGA, DLP, 3600 AL, 29dB (eco), 0,49:1, 2,6kg, Interactivity (option)


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Advanced Interactive Instruction for Leading SchoolsMW809STH education projector enhances interactive learning and classroom collaboration with outstanding picture quality, high brightness, and short throw capability. Smart installation flexibility combined with reduced maintenance and ownership costs make MW809STH the ideal choice for todays schools.Anti-Dust Accumulation Sensor Resists Dust BuildupIncorporating color wheel sensors with an ingenious anti-dust accumulation feature, MW809STH prolongs optimal performance by rejecting dust which can accumulate on traditional sensors to block the IR signal and cause flickering, abnormal colors, or even shutdown.Unobstructed Instruction Without Space ConstraintsOffering a big screen in short distance with a 0.49 short-throw ratio, MW809STH eliminates distracting shadows and glare for students and teachers to engage and collaborate freely in front of the board.Bigger ImagesBenQ education projectors offer a range of resolutions and projected image sizes to meet diverse classroom needs. Featuring crisp image quality up to 120 inches, our ultra-short throw education projectors deliver increased classroom versatility at reduced costs.Long Lasting Picture QualityWith sealed design that protects the DLP chip from dust-induced image degradation and the industrial-grade durability of DLP projection technology, BenQ education projectors are capable of maintaining long-lasting picture quality by eliminating color decay. Unlike non-DLP projectors, BenQ education projectors deliver premium picture quality equivalent to the result from brand new projectors after lamp replacement.Crisp Readability via High Contrast RatioIdeal for text, numbers, and tables widely used in instruction, BenQ education projectors leverage the native DLP advantage of digitally controlled micromirrors on the DMD chip. By completely toggling off reflective micromirrors to generate deep true blacks, BenQ education projectors create high native contrast ratio for sharp readability and crisp resolution at every single sub-pixel.Interaction on Any SurfacePointWrite technology transforms BenQ education projectors into collaborative platforms that turn any surface into an interactive whiteboard. Seamless integration of PointWrite kit and QWrite software with BenQ projectors encourages a truly collaborative learning environment where students and teachers work together using intuitive templates along with annotation tools.Multi-Touch & Multi- Screen DrawingWith enhanced multi-touch capability for pens or fingers, two PointWrite projectors can be used in conjunction to double the interactive projection surface, creating vast new opportunities for interactive learning in modern digital classrooms. In QWrite Whiteboard Mode, teachers can also run different applications or display, view, and annotate across two surfaces.Intuitive SetupReliably accurate in any ambient lighting, PointWrite auto calibrates and saves its settings immediately when plugged into a computers USB port, remaining ready with no manual configuration or complicated training for teachers.Windows Gesture SupportPointWrite projectors support intuitive Windows gestures such as zooming in and out or scrolling while browsing webpages, pictures or Google Maps. All multi-touch commands and gestures are supported for Windows 8 or above and future applications.Simple and Convenient Wireless DongleBenQ education projectors are ready for BYOD collaboration and creating more engaging lessons via QCast wireless dongle that allows up to 4 participants to stream content from smart devices or computers to the big screen, displaying them in 4 split screens.

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