BenQ LH890UST – Full-HD, DLP/Laser, 4000AL, 32dB (eco), 0,23:1, 9kg, Interact. (Option), Incl. Mount


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BenQ LH890UST – Ultra Short Throw 1080p Laser Projector, with optional interactivity.The Worlds No.1 DLP brand BenQ leads the way with futureproof interactive projectors, featuring innovative BlueCore laser technology and superior dustproofing design for superb picture quality and maintenance-free operation. Maximizing education investment and collaborative learning with ultra-short throw projection, the BenQ LH890UST utilizes the unparalleled qualities of a laser light source to achieve optimized performance, long-lasting reliability, and energy efficiency for the leading schools.Superior Performance – Secondary Yellow-Infused Color WheelDual synchronized BlueCore color wheels utilize an additive yellow segment, stimulating precise RGBY spectra for optimal chromatic performance.Anti-Dust Accumulation Sensor Resists Dust BuildupIncorporating color wheel sensors with an ingenious anti-dust accumulation feature, LH890UST prolongs optimal performance by rejecting dust which can accumulate on traditional sensors to block the IR signal and cause flickering, abnormal colors, or even shutdown.Instant Power-OnBenQ BlueCoreTM education projectors can be turned on and off instantly to significantly reduce setup time compared to other lamp-based projectors.20,000 Hour Long-Lasting PerformanceWith a fully sealed laser light source and an innovative sealed laser engine design, BenQ BlueCoreTM laser education projectors guarantee 20,000 hours of maintenance-free operation, preventing extra expenses on lamp replacement and maintenance. The laser light source resists color and brightness decay over time, offering significantly more reliable performance after a period of operation.Create Interaction on Any SurfacePointWrite technology works on any flat surface, so no expensive digital whiteboard or additional equipment is necessary. With the PointWrite module, images can be projected onto a wall for multiple students to easily share and write on the same screen, creating vast new opportunities for classroom interactivity and enabling possibilities for modern digital classrooms.Multi-Touch with Pens and Multi-Screen DrawingPointWrite projectors offer multi-user capability, and two PointWrite projectors can be used to double the projection surface. With QWrite Whiteboard Mode, teachers can run different applications or display, view, and annotate across two monitors.QWrite is BenQ exclusive annotation software is compatible with BenQ PointWrite module.Intuitive SetupPointWrite automatically calibrates and saves its settings the moment it is plugged into a computers USB port. PointWrite then remains ready with no manual configuration or complicated training for teachers needed. Additionally, LH890USTs interactive sensor guarantees reliable auto-calibration in any ambient lighting.Advanced Interactive Module CompatibleA modular design allowing schools the flexibility of adding interactivity to classrooms with future investment, the new BenQ PointWrite interactive module PW40U provides truly collaborative learning environments where students and teachers work together using intuitive templates along with QWrite software, all with one-time calibration and set-up driver installation conveniences. PW40U is an optional interactive module for LX890UST/ LW890UST/ LH890USTMultiple Choices for Wireless CompatibilityFor engaging and intuitive lessons, teachers and students can bring their own smart devices and computers to stream documents, images, and even Full HD videos to LH890UST projectors, facilitating the free exchange of ideas and collaborative teamwork.LX890UST/ LW890UST/ LH890UST is compatible with QCast dongle, QCast Mirror dongle, InstaShow as optional accessories.

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