BenQ 27” SW270C 2560×1440 IPS, HDM2.0x2, DP 1.4×1, USB3.1×2, USB-C with 60W power delivery


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Photographer Monitor with 27 inch, 2K Adobe RGB SW270CPhotographers work with great demand on color accuracy. BenQ SW270C photographer monitor achieved industry color standard to deliver truer and accurate colors so as to relive the moment.Devoted to meet the latest professional color standard, BenQ has developed AQCOLOR technology to uphold the concept Accurate Reproduction. BenQ has invited color experts to lead the team, and also actively participated in ICC International Color Consortium and ISO International Standard Organization to establish color-related standards and implementation in order to provide consistent and accurate colors.Enrich Your Palette with 99% Adobe RGB See the true colors of the nature BenQ SW270C meets the high color standards by covering 99% of Adobe RGB, 100% of sRGB/Rec.709, and 97% of DCI-P3/Display P3, resulting in a more realistic color representation for outdoor and nature photography.Color Precision to Reproduce Original Images The 16 bit look up table LUT improves RGB color blending accuracy, resulting in impeccable color reproduction and Delta E 2 in AdobeRGB and sRGB color space renders the truest and most representative view of the original image.10 bit Color Depth for Smooth Color Gradations SW270C guarantees the silkiest and smoothest color gradations with 10-bit panel from a 16-bit look-up-table LUT by gamma correction, which shows more than one billion colors for natural color transitions and subtle shading.Color Consistency Presented in Every Detail Surpassing industry color standards, BenQ has dedicated itself to evolving and developing its technologies to achieve higher level of color accuracy in every detail.Uniformity Technology Achieved via delicate processes utilizing high precision apparatus to meticulously fine-tune the color and the brightness at hundreds of sub-regions on the entire screen, BenQ Uniformity Technology offers screen-wide precise color from corner to corner for perfectly authentic and consistent viewing experiences.Consistent Color, Convenient Monitor Usage In every production line, BenQ has utilized a well prepared instrument to ensure that monitors from different production lines will display color at same precise level. Photographers will perceive the consistent color when working on dual monitors.Hardware Calibration Produces Consistent Image Quality Hardware calibration allows you to adjust the monitors internal image processing chip without changing the graphics card output data, keeping displayed images consistent with the original content without being affected by graphic card setting.Display Every Splendid Scene with Details More and more photographers are using digital cameras to capture the moment and to preserve any remarkable episode in life. BenQ SW270C adopts HDR and supports various video formats to replay your vivid times dynamically.USB-C portThe latest USB-C port provides high-speed Video/Audio/Data transmission and power delivery with one single cable.Shading hoodA specially designed detachable shading hood can effectively reduce the monitors screen glare from ambient lighting for superb color accuracy.Key Features99% Adobe RGB Color Space With IPS technologyUniformity TechnologyUSB-C Connectivity with power delivery

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