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SILENT WINGS 2 92mmSilentWings 2 fans provide the greatest performance-to-noise ratio and highest reliability on the market. They achieve their virtually silent operation without sacrificing airflow, and so offer the perfect balance between superior cooling and serenity as low as 16,9 dBA.Their secret a unique airflow-optimized fan blade design, custom anti-vibration mounts, and a high-tech fluid dynamic bearing with copper core for greatly reduced noise and super-long life.SilentWings 2 fans are your best choice for any application that requires ultimately quiet operation and uncompromised performance.Virtually inaudibleAdvanced fluid dynamic bearing FDB with high quality oil avoids mechanical friction. Improved modular vibration damping mounts and rubberized frame help prevent transmission of vibration to computer case and its components. Advanced IC motor controller reduces electronic noises.Super-long lifeThe FDBs copper core enables super-long life of up to 300.000h by accelerating heat dissipation.Superior coolingUnique airflow-optimized fan blade design maximizes cooling and reduces noise-generating turbulence.Flexible mountingFlexible mounting options include screwless installation to case or components as well as mounting with screws.

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Dimensioner18.9 × 3.9 × 12.2 cm
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