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Compact Cooling, Significant QuietShadow Rock Slim is be quiets space saving CPU cooler for gaming, multimedia and graphics-intensive compact PCs. With high performance, famous be quiet low noise operations, and an unmatched price-performance ratio, Shadow Rock Slim is the best choice in this category.Among its premium features are– Very high cooling capacity of 160W TDP.- Four high-performance 6mm heat pipes carry heat from nickel-plated copper baseplate to optimal location on the cooling fins.- 135mm silence-optimized be quiet fan max. 23.7dBA with nine airflow-optimized blades and durable rifle-bearing technology.- Compatibility with Intel and AMDTM sockets.- Brushed aluminum finish on top cover.- German product conception, design and quality control.If you are seeking the best possible mix of premium cooling, very quiet operations, and highly attractive price in the compact CPU cooler segment, your search is over. Shadow Rock Slim is the cooler for you.

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