ASRock B550 Phantom Gaming 4/AC


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Phantom Gaming is designed by gamers and for gamers Underneath its relentless appearance lie plentiful gaming oriented features and excellent gaming capabilities. Its all about bringing a new gaming experience to gamers Nahimic AudioWhether you are using headphones, a headset, external or internal speakers, via USB, Wi-Fi, analog output or even HDMI, Nahimic Audio offers you the most engaging listening experience, vibrant and rich with details.The Sound Tracker is a visual indicator that points out the directions from which predominant sounds are coming. Each sound is properly positioned in 360 on a radar for a full immersion during the game.8 Power Phase DesignFeaturing sturdy components and completely smooth power delivery to the CPU. Plus, it offers unmatched overclocking capabilities and enhanced performance with the lowest temperature for advanced gamers as well.Premium 50A Power ChokeCompared to traditional chokes, ASRocks premium 50A power chokes effectively make the saturation current up to three times better, thus providing enhanced and improved Vcore voltage to the motherboard.2oz Copper PCB2 ounce copper inner layers that provide stable signal traces and power shapes Delivering lower temperature and higher energy efficiency for overclocking, its able to support the latest DDR4 memory modules with most extreme memory performanceRULE YOUR OWN LIGHTING WAY – POLYCHROME RGBThis motherboard features onboard RGB headers and an addressable RGB header that allow motherboard to be connected to compatible LED devices such as strip, CPU fans, coolers, chassis and so on. Users may also synchronize RGB LED devices across the Polychrome RGB Sync-certified accessories to create their own unique lighting effects.A SOLID M.2-SOLUTION PERFORMERDual M.2 For SSD, Supports Type 22110 M.2Ready for higher capacity and even faster Type 22110 M.2 NVMe SSD to fulfill the need of performance. Hyper M.2 socket that supports PCIe Gen4 x4 while Ultra M.2 socket is capable of running PCIe Gen3 x2 and SATA3 mode.

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