Ashly Audio FA 125.4 – Compact Amplifier 4x125W @ 25/70/100V or 4/8ohm


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FA amplifiers can nestle under conference tables, trade show exhibits, reception area counters and anywhere else a larger amplifier just wont fit.FA Series delivers from 250-500W in 1/2RU and 1,000W in 1RU and are great for all those tight-space installs Under conference tables, behind displays, inside kiosks, even mounted on a wall. No rack? No problem FA goes where you need it. Of course, mounting hardware is available for rack or surface-mounting where necessary.Key Features 125W x 2, 125W x4, 250W x 4 with Class D power supplies Silent Active Cooling System for noise-free operation Front Status LEDs, power switch and level controls can be disabled for security Remote GPIO for DC Level Control, Standby & Failure mode Switchable input sensitivity -10/4dB Remote standby polarity & front panel lockout Built-in auto DSP functions such as 80Hz High-Pass Filter and Clip Limiter 70V and 100V capability Extensive protection circuitry USB Port for firmware updates 1U rack kit for one FA-250.4, or two FA-125.2s or FA-125.4s side-by-side Safety / Compliance cTUVus, CE, FCC, RoHSApplicationsThis tiny footprint for a 125-watt/ch or 250 watt/ch amp means you can Hide them behind the display in meetingrooms and hotel lobbys Power background music in retail spaces where there are no room for a hefty amplifier Provide serious audio to a stand-alone kiosk Power an exhibit presenter, small church or conference room.Power Sharing feature for greater flexibilityA typical 125-watt per channel amp does just that Delivers up to 125 watts to each channel. The FA Series is far more flexible. The FA-125.2 and FA-125.4 can SHARE between channel pairsup to a total of 250W total per pair So you can design a system with a 180W load on one channel and 70W on the other. Or if a single channel only is driven, 250W can be output to drive a heavier load such as subwoofer.That means a level of flexibility not found in other amps, including opportunities where one amp can replace two. It breaks the time-honored rules that an X-per channel amp can only deliver X per channel from both of its outputs.Cooling without noisy fansPower amplifiers of any size need cooling. With larger amps racked up in an equipment closet, fan noise might not be an issue. But the whole point of the FA 125.4 and FA 125.2 form factor is that you can put 250 watts of power under a conference table, on the wall behind a big screen monitor, or in a kiosk. So we designed FA for high efficiency less heat creation AND ensured that the FA fans are whisper quiet with an unobstructed air flow between fan and output.Install one in a conference room, empty it of people and listen towellthe silenceAuto On/OffFAs Auto/On off feature places the amplifier in sleep mode after 30 minutes of no audio input signal, and wakes instantaneously when input signal is present. While in sleep mode, the FAs draw very little current and therefore not only save on electricity cost but also generate virtually no heat. Aside from the obvious convenience, it also reduces the need for additional HVAC or external power control equipment. This reduction in heat also helps to lengthen the life-span of electronic components that would normally remain on for hours, even when not in use.Remote lock-outEvery customer/install has somebody who will futz with settings on anything electronic as if they know what theyre doing. Easy control of a front panel Gain knob can lead to client-induced call-backs. Because we make the FA series so compact, they invite mounting in more open spots, which invites more determined tweakers. So FA has a lock-out feature for both ON/OFF and Gain knobs that keeps the casual tweaker from messing things up.

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